Vintage 1940's Slingerland Super Radio King snare drum - size is 7x14" with 16 lugs. Engraved top rim, solid maple. No Reserve Price. WYSWYG - What You See Is What You Get. If you have NO intention to pay, GO AWAY! Sellers such as myself depend on the extra income from eBay to survive (!) - now, on with the auction. Please be considerate. VG shape or better. Whatever it finishes at, it will sell for. Bid or bookmark now. Sold as is for restoration. Buy a genuine Radio King this week for short money! A nice classic Radio King snare drum that I picked up over the weekend. Original (mildly yellowed) White Marine Pearl. It is 7x14" solid maple with a split row of 16 small beavertail lugs. Add the iconic "Cloud Badge" and you have a great drum to play or display. I've exhausted myself photographing this drum so please scroll down and enjoy the many pics. This one was purchased from the original owner. It has many miles on it. The hardware is brightly plated nickel in very good original shape. There is pitting and scratches - to be expected on a 50+ year old drum. Several old but unoriginal tension rods. There is also a hole left in one panel from the original heater element. (There were no plastic heads when this drum was made). This is a very early Super Radio King (perhaps the first year, 1940) which has the updated Super Strainer - what we all call the clamshell strainer. This one has taken a couple knocks on this end as the photo shows but it works PERFECTLY. It actually surprised me. The lever clicks into the indent and operates smoothly. It throws the wires off as it should. Best working clamshell I have come across yet. And here is the butt-end. Everything works properly here as well. You can take up the slack in the wires with this fine adjustment knob. A look at the shell. NICE. This is as round as a Radio King comes. Normal Remo heads fit right on. Good player. And the resonant side of the shell. Rings are solidly glued in with little to no gaps. Fat Chicago shell....lots of character. These shells were never perfect, but neither is a wooden roller coaster. And thats why we love them! If you already own some Radio Kings, you are used to seeing stuff like this. Blemished wood with a split in it, right from the factory. (Vertical line is the lap joint) The shell is solid despite the split and doesn't move. Call it the "Krupa factor". Slingerland wanted to sell drums - even keeping a third shift for production. With the high demand for these drums, Slingerland pumped them out as fast as they could. I recall another Radio King snare I bought with calf heads top and bottom - I couldnt see inside. There was something rattling around in the drum like a maraca. When I finally took the top head off, there was a knot the size of a half dollar that had fallen out of the shell wall! LOL! That's how these old drums were made. And we love them just the same. Drum has some barreling from the split tension design. Seen in these side view shots. No way around it on old double row snare drums. Original wires still hanging in there (one broken strand). I would install some new modern puresound wires. The drum would turn a major corner with these fresh strands and some minor tweeks. Sound is big as it sits. Have you got good pressrolls?? Surprising amount of edge response without ugliness (bong) that sometimes accompanies Radio King snares I think it will make a real good player in the right hands. A look at that heater hole. Plug it or leave it alone. A wooden dowel plug with pearl cap is so easy. I've done a hundred of these over the years. C'mon you know you want it! Condition is VG or better. Scratches nicks corrosion which testifies to its age and vintage. Please know that Vintage means that the item is several years old and has been used. Do not bid on a vintage item and expect it to be 100% perfect or look brand new. Please examine photos and ask any questions. NO EXPENSIVE shipping just basic UPS ground. Examine my feedback. Shipping & HANDLING (well boxed fully insured) will be $29.85 anywhere in the USA (drum is shockingly heavy - stout!)........overseas on this item IS ACCEPTED...WRITE ME FOR AN ACCURATE QUOTE TO YOUR COUNTRY. AUCTION ENDS 10:00 PM EAST COAST TIME ON MONDAY EVENING. Also, I know 95% of you dont need to hear this, so for the 5% that do - if you dont intend to pay, do NOT bid! NO BIDS ACCEPTED FROM USERS WITH LESS THAN 5 POSITIVE FEEDBACK WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION...overseas bidders will need at least TEN (10) postive feeback and a paypal account to bid. NO reserve so NO EXCUSES.....bid! Click Here for info on my grading. Item sold as-is. Item is described as completely and as honestly as possible. Ask questions....absolutely no returns or refunds of any kind. This is an AUCTION, this isn't Walmart. I mean this in the strongest terms possible. If you are uncomfortble with this, please do NOT bid. Buyer beware. Buyer pays shipping and handling. NO local area pickups. The amount due will be e-mailed to the high bidder after the auction closes. You have 48 hrs to reply to my e-mail after the auction closes or you will lose your right to purchase it. Gretsch ludwig leedy Please do not allow any friends or substances influence you to bid on an item that you can't cough up the dough for,..please bid responsibly. Thank you for looking and good luck with your bids. You get NICE quality and fast service when you bid with me. ASK QUESTIONS!